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Michael Jackson The King Of Pop

Hi ! This my Mjpage ,a page devoted to the true King of pop,rock and Soul Michael Jackson ! Here youŽll find many links to other great Mj- pages (and later you can expect more ) If you have any questions or suggestions,mail me or(and) write in my Guestbook !

Great MJ -links !

The Michael Jackson Internet Fanclub
A great site with lots of fun and facts !
Marias Michael Jackson Page
A nice swedish site !
Michael Jackson
Another Great Mj site !
MJJ online
Yet another Great Mj site !
The official Mjsite
A great Mjpage !
AnaŽs Mj page
A page about MJ(and some other things too !)
Josefs site
A good site about Mj and lots of other stuff !
Updated on June 7th 1998-some new links added

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