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HI ! Welcome to this page about one of my biggest interests The Eurovision Song Contest ! On this page you will find info,links and more ! Hope you like this page ! If you have any ideas or questions please mail me at the adress below or write in my Guestbook !

Did you know ?

. The first Eurovison Song Contest was held in 1956 in Lugano,Switzer- land. The winner was Lys Assia from Switzerland with the song "Refrain "

.In 1969,four(!) contries won the ESC : United Kingdom with Lulu and "Boom-bang-a-bang",Spain with Salomé and "Vivo Cantando",The Netherlands with Lennie Kuhr(female) and "De troubadour" and finally France with Frida Boccara and "Un jour un enfant"(means :One day one child)

. Ireland once won the contest three years in a row (1992 with Linda Martin "Why me ?", 1993 with Niamh Kavanagh "In your eyes" and 1994 with Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan "Rock n´Roll kids "

.Many famous artists has sung in the ESC ,such as Olivia Newton-John,Julio Iglesias and Cliff Richard

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